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Common Pests

Common Pests


Termite infestations affect all kinds of buildings and feeds from there, particularly targeting wood.  Once food is found, they alert the rest of the termite colony and begin eating away at the infrastructure.  Having the correct pest control measures in place will eliminate your termite infestation.

Rodents (Rats/Mice)

Rodents live wherever they find food, in houses, factories, warehouses, cupboards and sewers. Rodents could possibly cause damage to structures, consume stored edible goods and contaminate foodstuff. They are commonly known to be carriers of numerous parasites that are easily transmittable to humans. Having rodents in your yard can be a huge health risk, particularly since these areas are used by children and pets. Unfortunately, rodents memorise pathways and use the same pathways repeatedly. Because rodents have survival abilities it is very important that you receive the help of a professional to deal with any rodent problem. Rodents ability to climb, burrow & jump, make catching rats difficult at times.

Best4Pest will perform a site inspection and use the most appropriate means of pest management system to remove rodents etc. This may vary from bait stations to using traps or both. Rodents breeds quickly and a once-off treatment isn’t essentially enough to control the rodent problem. We recommend Monthly Services in high risk locations.

Return visits and service to stations are necessary to ensure rodents stays far away.


Cockroach removal is important for commercial places as well as public spaces such as restaurants, schools, clinics, hospitals and care facilities. These pests are not only awful to live around, but they could also carry diseases and their droppings can cause respiratory problems in people exposed to this type of infestations.

If a cockroach infestation is not treated quickly and efficiently, cockroaches can multiply and spread rapidly in a short space of time. Getting rid of cockroaches before it becomes a big problem requires the help of Best4pest.